BTC Investments-Crowdfunding Program

Welcome to BTC Investments

Welcome to BTC investments, where a group of like minded people come together as a community, and teach each other to invest in the smallest denominations, with the focus on educating and helping each other, to new ways of investing and growing wealth and knowledge


Changing lives of people with an opportunity to collect coins, one at a time


To educate our people to start collecting Bitcoins in the smallest amounts and enjoy investing

How is it done?

We all start small and practice. We are a community of like minded people helping each other, step by step. Watch our Youtube video for details

Why Bitcoin?

The value of Bitcoin has been growing since it was formed in 2009. Accumulating Bitcoins can change all our lives.

What is a wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is your personal bank, where your money (Bitcoins) are stored. You can use it to pay others or to receive payments or to just keep your money.

How to get in?

Your referrer has the key. Ask the person who told you about us to give you the registration link. They are your tutor, guide and your role model to your future.

A Crowdfunding initiative of Kingdom Ministries
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